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Name des Ensembles/Theaters Tanz Theater Pforzheim
Künstlerische Leitung Guido Markowitz, Damian Gmuer
Künstlerische Ausrichtung (de/en max. 1.000 Zeichen) Dance Theatre Pforzheim has been under the direction of Guido Markowitz since 2015, with Damian Gmuer as co-director / rehearsal director and house choreographer, and Alexandra Karabelas as dramaturge. The ensemble now consists of 14 dancers and has a striking contemporary profile. The Theatre Pforzheim is a multi-arts house (ballet, opera, drama, youth theatre) and the most important cultural institution in the city and region of Pforzheim.
The in-house dance productions often aim at a new narration of existential themes of Mankind in conflict with himself and the world, created to significant musical works. Dance Theatre Pforzheim has become a desired partner for guest performances, co-operations and projects at home and abroad. Stylistically, different styles and choreographic handwritings are employed. Site-specific productions are among its trademarks.
Webseite https://www.theater-pforzheim.de/
E-Mail-Adresse für Bewerbungen damian.gmuer@pforzheim.de
Telefonnummer für Bewerbungen 07231 39 2789