List of Matchings

In the list of matchings, registered graduates/young professionals are named who are currently being - or were - engaged with a comapny/theatre within the framework of DIS-TANZ-START.


Information for Companies/Theatres

To find out more about the availability of a particular dancer, you can enter the first letter of the family name in the sorting function. If a registered dancer does not appear in this list, he/she is currently not (yet) employed in the framework of DIS-TANZ-START and will be happy if you contact him/her directly.

(7) Family Name First Name employed from until at Website
1. Rodrigues Gomes dos Santos Harrison 01.09.2022 30.06.2023 TANZ Nordharz / Nordharzer Städtebundtheater
2. Reynolds Chloe 11.08.2022 31.07.2023 Aalto Ballett / Theater und Philharmonie Essen
3. Redlin Benedict 05.09.2022 31.07.2023 Tanz Theater Pforzheim
4. Risiglione Beatrice 24.08.2022 30.06.2023 Theater Trier / Ballett
5. Reynolds Chloe 19.08.2021 10.08.2022 Aalto Ballett Essen
6. Rey Laura Martìn 01.03.2022 31.12.2022 TANZ Bielefeld / Theater Bielefeld
7. Redorta Ortiz Arnau 10.01.2022 31.12.2022 Gauthier Dance//Dance Company Theaterhaus Stuttgart,2,208