Registered Graduates/Young Professionals

The list can be sorted alphabetically by training institution if required.

► The term divers under "training institution" means that the dancer has either received non-formal training, has not completed formal training in Germany or has received training abroad that does not correspond to an internationally recognised B.A. degree. In these cases, the status as a dancer entering the profession was examined and determined by a group of experts on behalf of the German Dance Association.

(11) First Name Family Name Dance Training Institution Date of Graduation Dance Aesthetics/Styles (specification by dancer)
1. Maia Joseph Tanzakademie balance1 30.09.2022 Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Commercial
2. Levin Mischel Tanzakademie Zürich 27.06.2019 Contemporary/Modern
3. Lena Strützke Tanzakademie balance1 01.10.2018 zeitgenössischer Tanz
4. Yuna Lee Reinhardt Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance 29.07.2020 Zeitgenössischer Tanz, Modern Dance, Experimental
5. Laura Metz Tanzakademie balance1 30.09.2021 Contemporary
6. Pauline Hertling Tanzakademie balance1 24.09.2021 Contempo, Modern, Jazz
7. Giulia Lampugnani Tanzakademie balance1 25.09.2021 Contemporary, Modern-Jazz, Tanztheater
8. Clara Dünnebeil Tanzakademie balance1 25.09.2021 Contemporary, Tanztheater
9. Thomas Bauer Tanzakademie balance1 27.09.2019 Contemporary
10. Sophie Geisler Tanzakademie balance1 30.09.2021 Zeitgenössisch, jazzdance
11. Giorgia Calliari Tanzakademie balance1 27.09.2019 Zeitgenössisch