Qualification Programme

All dancers registered within DIS-TANZ-START will receive information on how to join our group on lounjee and how to participate by e-mail.

DIS-TANZ-START offers an extensive counseling and qualification programme designed specifically for emerging dancers. It provides them with the interdisciplinary skills, resources, and networking opportunities they need to make a successful transition into the profession.

Due to current restrictions and to make it more accessible, the programme will presently be held online only and in English. To increase the sustainability of the programme and archive the knowledge, selected livestream panel discussions and interviews will be available as video and audio file as well. 

The programme for season 2021/22 runs from February till June 2022. It offers a variety of webinars / networking sessions and workshops in English covering following areas:

  1. Career orientation & development (e.g. introduction to the German dance landscape, personal visioning & career craft, self-marketing)
  2. Working conditions (e.g. contracts, taxes, social security)
  3. Health (e.g. mental health, nutrition, injury prevention)

All DIS-TANZ-START registered dancers and all graduates, who had applied within DIS-TANZEN SOLO are cordially invited to take part in the events. Further information and how to join will be e-mailed directly.

Stay tuned for more information.

If you have question referring the qualification programme please write an e-mail to qualifizierung-dts@dachverband-tanz.de