Basic Information

With the DIS-TANZ-START funding programme, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland enables young dancers to join the professional dance scene in Germany after their education. In times when auditioning, taking classes, presenting performances and running projects is only possible in a very limited extent due to the pandemic, the aim is to let as many graduates or starting professionals as possible become members of dance and ballet ensembles of German public theatres as well of established companies of the German independent dance scene and (production) houses, temporarily and subject to social insurance.

The young dancers gain their first experience as a member of a company, develop their dance technique, self-confidence, fitness and creativity, and are thus trained and prepared for future opportunities as professional dancers.


The funding mainly covers the personnel costs incurred by the companies/theatres as a result of their employment, as well as nationwide measures for further education and exchange opportunities for the graduates, supplemented by local mentoring measures.

As a rule, the employment relationship in the companies/theatres should last a maximum of 12 months. In exceptional cases, the duration may be shorter. During this time, the young professionals receive a fixed monthly salary based on the usual minimum wage.


The programme aims at graduates from the years 2019 to 2021 who are resident in Germany and can prove that they have a state-recognised degree in dance training in Germany. Exceptions are possible in individual cases and can be read here or in the FAQ.

Companies/theatres must be able to employ the (additional) professional newcomers on a permanent basis and contribute their own share in the form of the employer´s contributions to social (and supplementary) insurance.


Applications for registration (dancers) and funding (companies) are accepted and processed on permanently. The German Dance Association reviews the applications for formal criteria and asks a group of experts for a professional assessment in special individual cases. As long as the review was successful and funding is available, funding is approved.

Due to the cooperative approach, funding applications can only be submitted by the companies/theatres. Interested graduates/beginners must first apply for registration. Detailed information on the requirements and criteria for funding can be found in the funding principles and FAQ.