Funding Programme for Emerging Dancers

DIS-TANZ-START is part of NEUSTART KULTUR, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.


Registration applications for dancers to join the qualification programme are still possible

Webinars - Upcoming 09.10.2023 Vision Works! Career Coaching for Dancers

Peer Counselling - Upcoming 30.10.2023 Focus: tba

Qualification on Demand - Latest How to Master the Business Side of Dance

► Evaluation: Our EXPERTISE is Online

DIS-TANZ-START supports emerging dancers joining the professional dance scene in Germany after their studies/training. Formal and non-formal training can both be accepted.

All registered dancers can participate in the further training and exchange events. More information about the councelling and qualification programme can be found here.

In addition, our funded dancers had the possibility to get offered a socially insured engagement in public ballet and dance theatre companies in Germany (►website) as well as with established companies in the independent German dance scene until June/July 2023. Due to the end of NEUSTART KULTUR the application process for this is closed.

Requirements for a registration in the programme include a residence in Germany and the qualification as a career starting dancer. The professional dance training must not have been completed before 2019.

Emerging dancers who are interested in participating should inform themselves about the target groups. On this subsite you will find further formal requirements for registration and a list of the evidence that must be provided.

We offer individual consultation appointments. Contact details can be found under Service/Consulting.

Dance Support Programme

DIS-TANZ-START complements the funding programme DIS-TANZEN, which is also supported by the German Dance Association: DIS-TANZ-SOLO is aimed at freelance creative-dance artists and DIS-TANZ-IMPULS at dance schools and dance education in cultural institutions. Together with the funding programmes TANZPAKT RECONNECT and NPN – STEPPING OUT, DIS-TANZEN forms the dance support programme as part of “Neustart Kultur”, an initiative of the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media.



The multi-billion rescue programme NEUSTART KULTUR is supporting the relaunch of cultural life in Germany through supporting very different areas of culture and the media. The focus is primarily on cultural institutions. They are to be enabled to reopen their venues and resume programmes in order to offer artists and creatives prospects for employment and the future.


Further information on NEUSTART KULTUR can be found here.

German Dance Association

Since 2006 the German Dance Association (Dachverband Tanz Deutschland) has been working as a nationwide platform for artistic dance in Germany. Founded on the awareness of the players, that dance must speak with one voice in the political landscape of the Federal Republic, it today functions as an association of outstanding organisations, institutions and people for artistic dance in Germany.


Further information can be found here.