DIS-TANZ-START aims to support the exchange and networking among emerging dancers in Germany.

In addition to coming together in presence within workshops, all dancers registered in the programme as well as all emerging dancers who have been or are being supported by DIS-TANZ-SOLO are invited to set up their own profile on the online platform LOUNJEE. Tutors or partners in the programme can also join upon request.


Upon successful registration, the dancers will automatically receive access to join the (non-public) DIS-TANZ-START group there. External persons can receive it on request.

Once a member, it is possible to network there with colleagues and interesting new people from the community/dance scene, to interact in the personal chat or in topic-based spaces.

DIS-TANZ-START also uses the group as a digital "campus" for the transfer of knowledge about entering the profession. Recordings of info sessions and other material on various topics are available there for private self-study.

Lounjee Tutorials

Here you will find the introductory tutorials to Lounjee