Registered Companies/Theatres


Information for Graduates/Young Professionals

In the list of matchings you can see whether a registered company/theatre e is currently employing dancers in the framwork of DIS-TANZ-START. If you are interested in joining a specific company/theatre, please contact them directly and ask if there is capacity available.


Name des Ensembles/Theaters Dance Theater Heidelebrg / Theater und Orchester Heidelberg
Künstlerische Leitung Iván Pérez
Künstlerische Ausrichtung (de/en max. 1.000 Zeichen) Dance Theatre Heidelberg (DTH), under the artistic director of Iván Pérez, is the established dance company at Theater und Orchester Heidelberg. The apprenticeship position at DTH entails the participation of daily trainings, which rang from Ballet to Contemporary and Improvisation, Yoga, and more. In addition, the student(s) join the rehearsals of the current productions as well as performing on stage when agreed by the direction. The intention of the internship is to provide opportunities for the student(s) to continue developing their artistic skills and become familiar with a professional company. Regular coaching sessions take place to evaluate the student´s development, aiming to empower them to become agents of their artistic development, too. In DTH, the entire artistic team encourages inclusiveness and collaboration. Committed to ensure the well being of its members, DTH applies emotional intelligence in order to facilitate an optimal environment for their artist´s growth.
Name des:der Ansprechpartner:in Shaked Dagan-Mönig
Telefonnummer für Bewerbungen 062215835445