Registration Application for Graduates (with formal degree)



Dear Applicant


Before you start filling out the form, a few notes.

Within the framework of DIS-TANZ-START funding programme we would like to enable graduates/young professionals and companies/theatres to match. Therefore, within the form you have the possibility to provide the German Dance Association (DTD) your current application documents (curriculum vitae and a portrait photo). Only by order DTD forwards them to interested companies on singular request.

If your application for registration is approved, DTD will publish your name and information about your training/dance style/aesthetics in the list of registered graduates. (By this we hope getting together and finding an employment gets easier. For more information on archiving, processing and publication of your data, please read the Terms of Use and Information on Data Protection. (Please note: this document is only a help. Only the German Version is legally binding.)

DTD asks for your understanding that it cannot be guaranteed that you will find a placement at a company/theatre. The decision to employ you lies with the companies.

Once you have found a company that would like to engage you within the framework of DIS-TANZ-START, the company/theatre will submit the actual funding application on your behalf.

Within the application form, you will be asked to upload the following documents:


  • for German citizens: scan of the identity card (front and back)
  • for foreign applicants: scan of passport or residence permit (“Aufenthaltstitel”) (front and back) and scan of registration certificate (combined in one document).
  • scan of the graduation certificate or enrolment certification/certificate of training or transcript of records (the date of graduation or issuance must be clearly visible).
  • if you graduated before 2019: written justification why you consider yourself as a young professional
  • your current CV (max. 1 DIN A 4 page, with contact details and optional portrait photo)
  • optional: letter of motivation
  • optional: dance video (internet link and login details)


Please understand that we can only accept documents with a maximum size of 10 MB.

The boxes/fields marked with * are mandatory.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once you have prepared all the documents, you can start filling out the form.


Personal Data
Natural persons resident in Germany are eligible to apply. More Information can be read in the FAQ.

Please note:

> German citizens please upload either a copy of the passport and a copy of the municipal registration certificate ("Meldebescheinigung") OR a copy of the identity card (front and back combined in one document).

> EU citizens please upload a copy of your passport AND a copy of your municipal registration certificate ("Meldebescheinigung").

> Non-EU citizens please upload a copy of the residence permit / residence title ("Aufenthaltstitel") (front and back combined in one document) AND a copy of the municipal registration certificate ("Meldebescheinigung").

Thank you very much.
If you are in the final year of your training, please upload an enrolment certification/certificate of training or a current transcript of records here.

Please only upload documents in German or English. Graduation certificates/documents in other languages can only be accepted in certified translation. Thank you for your understanding.

Please name your dance aesthetic/styles, on the basis of which you would apply at dance companies/theatres:

If yes, please fill out the following fields:

If you would like the German Dance Association (DTD) to forward your additional application documents to interested companies/theatres, please upload them. You give consent in this service by clicking:
Note on the dance video:
The submission of a dance video / show reel link is only necessary if you completed your training at a private dance school in Germany without state recognition or abroad.
We would like to point out, that the German Dance Association cannot guarantee an employment at a company/theatre.
Date Protection and Declarations

When submitting your application, you provide us with personal data which is processed by us or third parties on the basis of Article 6 b GDPR and is required for the processing, reviewing and deciding on your application and, if your application is approved, for the implementation of the funding.


Responsible Organisation:

Dachverband Tanz Deutschland e.V.
Mariannenplatz 2
10997 Berlin

Telephone: +49 (0)30 / 37 44 33 92


In the event of a positive review of your registration application, you will conclude a contract with the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (German Dance Association) regarding the inclusion of your data in its data collection. Please read the Terms of Use and Information on Data Protection for graduates carefully and confirm them by a click:

Archiving and Publication of the Name

Knowing the data and the purpose of their processing, I consent to the following

beyond the duration of this agreement and also beyond the period covered by the DIS-TANZ-START funding programme, the related communication and (retention) obligations (Article 6 (1) sentence 1 a) GDPR).

Notice and Consent to Data Transfer to the Microsoft Corporation

For the internal processing of the registration application, unfortunately, the Dachverband Tanz Deutschland (German Dance Association) can currently only use products and services of the Microsoft Corporation (variants of the Microsoft 365 service) based in the USA. Although Microsoft has included the EU Commission's standard contractual clauses in the licence agreements, the European Court of Justice considers the USA to have an insufficient level of data protection according to EU standards. In particular, there is a risk that your data may be processed by US courts, US law enforcement agencies and national security agencies in accordance with its laws for control and monitoring purposes, possibly without redress. When you click "Yes", you consent to the processing of your personal data in the USA in accordance with Art. 49 Para. 1, S.1, lit. a GDPR.

Further Declarations


When you click on the "Submit" button, possible mistakes in the given information will be displayed automatically. The form will show you where you still need to make changes.
If everything has been filled in correctly, you will then receive a preview of all your information and you can check if everything is correct and complete.
As soon as you click on "Continue", you will receive a link by e-mail to verify your e-mail address.
Once you have followed the link in the email and received a confirmation, we have received the form.

Note: It takes a bit of time to submit the form. Thank you very much for your patience.